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Le Bouquet – Rescore

Le Bouquet (The Bouquet) – Comedy

Rescore of Le Bouquet, A short animation film by Anaïs Dusautois. A clumsy yet sympathetic man overcomes a series of obstacles to be on time for the date of his dreams. The music features solo strings, piano, guitar, accordion, percussions as well as brass instruments to find the right balance between comedy and romanticism.

Donald Duck – Cartoon

Rescore of an extract of an old Donald Duck episode, with a small orchestra. The goal is to follow very closely the action with the music, to emphasize each movement of the characters and to give the cartoon a very funny vibe. The use of an already existing christmas tune (jingle bells) brings more comedy and familiarity to the music.

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Donald Duck – Rescore

Maximall – Thriller, Adventure

Rescore of Maximall, a short animation film by Axelle Cheriet, Hadrien Ledieu, Nawel Rahal and Axel Tillement. An innocent employee of Maximall is chased by evil shopping carts. The music uses the power of the symphony orchestra to blend horror with comedy and action.

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Maximall – Rescore
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Flaky’s In Trouble – Original score

Flaky’s In Trouble – Happy Tree Friends – Cartoon

Original score for this very short fan-made Happy Tree Friends episode by Nicky. The cartoon-esque comedy is enhanced by playful instruments like the marimba and the bass guitar.

I-ON teaser – Epic, electronic

Rescore of I-ON teaser. A superhero watches over her city as powerful forces try to spread evil. The synth-based electronic music follows the action and narration of this very intense teaser.

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I-ON teaser – Rescore

Sprite Fright

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Rescore of Blender Short Sprite Fright


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Rescore of Blender Short


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Rescore of Blender short Caminandes


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Rescore of Chase scene from Ratatouille

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Award Winning Score forSonge

Songe (Dream) – Award Winning Score

Score for Songe, a short film by Thelma Stumpf, Mathilde Delcambre, Justine Bosher and Maève Buhet, for the 2022 International filmscoring competition of Montreal. This poetic and minimalistic score, featuring mainly a piano and a cello, won me the third place of the competition.

Lost Piano

Rescore of Lost Piano, a short film by Rob Hill. A man comes back to the house he grew up in, and lets his memories take over his feelings. The piano and bassoon accompany his emotional journey.

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Score for Lost Piano
Comedy Score for En Voiture

En Route ! (Let’s Go !)

Original score for En voiture, a 9-minute short by François Chambard. The roadtrip won’t go as planned for these four friends! The comedy is enhanced by the sound of the clarinet and the exaggerated playful theme.

L’Attrape-Coeurs (The Hearts Gatherer)

Original score for L’attrape Coeurs, a 2-minute short by Margaux Nocca. An old man recalls how he found love thanks to the book his grandaughter reads. The piano and intimate strings subtly follow the lightness and poetry of this beautiful story.

Original Score for L’Attrape-Coeurs
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Rescore of the Chronicles of Bridgerton

The Chronicles Of Bridgerton

Rescore of a scene from the famous Netflix series. The full orchestral palette follows the dialogue intense plot of this fast-moving less than 2-minute sequence.

  • SWOT – Episode 1 – François Chambard – 2023
  • Au Nom Du Père by Julien Vaiarelli – 2023
  • Nos Pensées by Julien Vaiarelli – 2023
  • Entre Le Rêve Et l’Oubli by David Laurent – 2023
  • The Wolf Pit by Lucas Rousset – 2023
  • L’attrape-coeurs by Margaux Nocca – 2023
  • Pourquoi Pas by Florian Godefroy – 2022
  • En Route ! by François Chambard – 2022


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